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FareShare Midlands is the largest charitable surplus food redistributor in the Midlands.

Working in partnership with FareShare UK, the food we redistribute would otherwise go to waste, but instead helps to feed over 80,000 people every single week.

Through food industry logistics or our own dedicated logistics solutions, each week we receive surplus food into our network of warehouses. There it is sorted, stored and either delivered to or collected by around 800 charities and community groups across the Midlands. Our members turn the food into delicious nutritious meals, affordable shopping and food parcels for the individuals that they are supporting. As well as food, our members provide other vital services to people facing challenging circumstances and living in food poverty or food insecurity.

In addition, our Employability programmes offer training, work experience and interviews to people who are struggling to find employment or reenter the workforce."


Last year, our food helped around 800 frontline charities and community groups provide 13 million meals.

Receiving food from FareShare Midlands enables our members to provide improved nutrition, save money and deliver additional services to local people of all ages. Alongside the food, our members help people in need to improve their mental health and financial situation and to experience less loneliness.

How we work

We take good quality, in-date surplus food...

The vast majority of food waste occurs in the supply chain before it even reaches the supermarket. Working with the FareShare network we save good quality surplus food from food retailers at both a regional and national level. In the Midlands this is over 5,670 tonnes per year and growing!

Our warehouses across the Midlands...

Every day, our warehouses buzz with activity as fresh food deliveries arrive. Our dedicated team of staff and volunteers swiftly sort and store each item, ensuring they're ready to nourish those in need. It's a seamless operation driven by efficiency and compassion, uniting our community one box at a time.

And distribute it to charity members in our community...

Our staff and volunteers then redistribute this nutritious food to community food members across the Midlands. Community groups sign up to receive regular orders of food from us to cover their main food needs.

Who transform the food into nutritious meals for those in need

In the year 2022/23 we redistributed enough food for 13 million meals. The organisations we support provide vital services alongside food. They range from homeless shelters to women’s refuges, and from disability charities to school breakfast clubs, covering just about every area of support for vulnerable individuals and families.

2023 Annual Report

The trustees, who are also directors of the charity for the purposes of the Companies Act 2006, present their report with the financial statements of the charity for the year ended 30 June 2023.

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