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Over 5 days, Sati Bahia trekked 100 kilometres through the desert to Petra, Jordan, in order to raise an incredible ?2,000 for FareShare Midlands. This amazing fundraising feat will provide 8,000 meals for those in need.

Sati knew she wanted to fundraise for FareShare Midlands as she heard growing stories in the news about the rise of the use food banks, particularly by families.

"I am a mother of 2 children, so when I see that there is a much bigger uptake in people using foodbanks, I obviously find it really upsetting. The thought of children going to school without food doesn't sit right with me, so I wanted to do something that could help that. I know that services like this rely heavily on volunteers, and donations really help too."

Working for HSBC, Sati became aware of FareShare Midlands as her colleagues volunteered there through the company's partnership with the charity. Combined with her increasing awareness of food poverty in the UK, Sati was inspired to fundraise for FareShare Midlands.

"I work for HSBC and we are very fortunate that we have the opportunity to take part in massive fundraisers like this one. I saw it advertised a work - "do you want to see a wonder of the world? This is what we have available!". It was a 100km trek and thought it would be an amazing opportunity to get involved with something where I could push myself, while raising money for a good cause. We were all raising money for the Jordan River Foundation, but we also had the choice to raise money for a local charity - which is why I chose FareShare Midlands."

Petra is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and had been on Sati's bucket list of places she wanted to visit since she was a child. Although she was unsure whether she would be successful in her application, Sati put herself forward to take on the challenge - and sure enough was successful in being chosen alongside 120 other people from across the globe to take part! Individuals from Hong Kong, India, China, UK, America and other places around the world were all brought together to take on this mammoth fundraising event.

The trip was physically and mentally demanding, with long hikes, shared tents, and no bathrooms. But Sati loved the experience:

"We had to share a tent, and camp out there for 5 days. You are camping in the desert with people you don't know, sharing a tent with someone you don't know. There are no bathroom facilities, and the food is cooked out there for you. It was really challenging - but it was incredible. We were split into groups of 30 and I have made friends for life. The stars were incredible."

Through sponsorships from friends and family, Sati raised an amazing ?2,000 for FareShare Midlands for her Petra Dune Challenge. With every ?1 allowing us to redistribute 4 meals, this incredible donation will provide the equivalent of 8,000 meals to those in need across the Midlands.;

"We should be ashamed that there is such a high rate of poverty in this country. It's a shame - we are one of the richest nations, yet so many people are struggling. It's pitiful.

I would definitely recommend fundraising for FareShare Midlands. FareShare is a very big organisation but knowing that FareShare Midlands is helping people so close to home really means a lot. I talk about it to my children, and I try to explain to what I did and what it was for. Seeing donation boxes at the grocery store really hits home. So many people benefit from this and it's not just the people you would expect, like people without income, it's also those with jobs who are struggling financially because of the cost-of-living crisis.

Helping those in need is really important to me. I would love to carry on helping, so if the opportunity comes up again, I would love to carry on fundraising for FareShare."

Everyone at FareShare Midlands extends their deepest thanks to Sati for her generosity, and our congratulations for her incredible achievement!

Are you inspired by Sati's amazing achievement? You can find more fundraising ideas and activities on our fundraising page or emaifundraising@faresharemidlands.org.uk

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