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As the Cost-of-Living Crisis and environmental concerns impact the availability of meat, FareShare Midlands is looking elsewhere to help bring protein into our warehouses.  

One of these protein sources is well-known alternative meat brand, Quorn. Quorn are on a mission to encourage meat-free eating, to help our health and our planet strive. 

Stats from Quorn’s website: 

“The Carbon Footprint of Quorn Mince is more than 95% lower than that of beef” 

“In 2021 [their] sites’ Carbon Emissions from energy showed a reduction of 83% compared to [their] 2012 baseline” 

They have an extensive range of products and recipes available through their website, including meals plans, focusses on different cuisines, and tips for a healthy, balanced diet. But we wanted to also share some of our staff and volunteers’ favourite recipes that include some of Quorn’s products: 



Turn this Jamie Oliver 5-ingredient classic into a meat-free delight with 1 simple swap - Chicken pot pie with puff pastry | Jamie Oliver pie recipes 

Swap out the chicken breast for Quorn pieces or fillets. Just add the ‘chicken’ into the onions along with a small amount of water and cook off for around 6 minutes (8-10 if frozen). Then carry on with the rest of the recipe and enjoy! 

Or try out in Nadiya Hussain's super simple tray bake, swapping the chicken thighs for one of Quorn’s tasty products mentioned above - Chicken and rice traybake recipe - BBC Food 



Use Quorn’s ‘Mince’ to make their delicious lasagne - Quorn Vegetarian & Meat Free Mince Lasagne | Quorn, unlike beef mince, you don’t need to cook the Quorn mince in oil first, simple add to the sauce and you’re good to go! 


Inspired by another of Jamie Oliver’s 5-ingredient meals, you can make these outrageiously good meatball subs using Quorn’s ‘Meatballs’ - Messy meatball buns | Beef recipes | Jamie Oliver recipes 

This one is actually much easier to do using Quorn’s meatballs, as the construction part is done for you! All you need to do is skip steps 1 & 2, and jump ahead to warming your meatballs in a pan, along with the tomatoes and water. Let them cook off like this for about 15 minutes before continuing with step 4. Don’t forget to spread the unused pesto on your bread buns instead, to add a delicious basil flavour to tie the whole thing together. 


More Quorn inspiration: 
  • Cook up the ‘Chicken Nuggets’ to add to a salad, or serve up with chips to keep kids satisfied! 
  • Serve up a warming sausage and mash, using Quorn’s ‘Best of British Sausuages’. 
  • Add all the toppings you desire to Quron ‘Burgers’. 
  • And treat yourself to a full English breakfast with their ‘Bacon’ slices. 
To learn more about alternative protein sources and how you can use them, check out our blog post: Join the Protein Revolution! | Press Releases | FareShare Midlands - Fighting hunger, tackling food waste in the UK

If you have any Quorn inspired recipes, let us know or tag us in the finished product on social media @FareShareMidlands!
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